FeedLIVE Trial

FeedLIVE Trial 1.60

Use FeedLIVE to formulate your feed formulation in a minute

Use FeedLIVE to formulate your feed formulation in a minute. Just set it up, open it, define the nutrients component of ingredients that you prefer to use in your formula, specify your nutritional requirement, add ingredients and its limitation (if you want to) then press formulate button, within a second you will get the you least cost feed formula.

FeedLIVE has ability to analyze your existed formula, like a backward operation. Just enter all ingredients and amount of your formula FeedLIVE will calculate the nutrients then show you a result. So if you use the same nutrients database with your consultants, you can analyze the formula.

You can use FeedLIVE to formulate feed formula for any kind of animal swine, poultry or cattle etc. Just tell FeedLIVE the method of formulating that you want to formulate feed for monogastic animal (non-ruminant) such swine and poultry or polygastric animal (ruminant) such as cattle, beef. So you do not have to worry about it, FeedLIVE could serve any kind of your herd.

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